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  Warm congratulations on Nanjing Yangzi Petrochemical Fine Chemical Co., ltd.!  
  Sponge Platinum
  Sponge palladium
  Stabilized chlorin
  Feed grade Calcium
  AE stabilizer(Anti
  Antioxidant 168
  Polyethylene wax
  YZ-PE-20 premix
  Calcium stearate
  Polymerization inh
  Cobaltous carbonat...
  Polyethylene oxide
  n-propyl acetate
  Mixed phthalic aci

Nanjing Yangzi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., established in September of 2000, is located in Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park--a national petrochemical base of China. Owing to the resources, market and powerful technical strength of YPC Petrochemical, as well as encompassing high quality capital and high technology, our company is mainly engaged in the production and trade of petrochemical products and "three-agent" chemicals, and the development of fine chemical technologies.

Sticking to our active and stable development strategy, we are keeping increasing the investment in technology and environment protection...

  Warm congratulations on Nanjing ... 2014-04-15  

Add: No. 99,West Square,Chemical Industry Park,Nanjing
Tel: +86-25-58391091  Mobile: +86-13951668660 (Mr. Wang)
Fax: +86-25-58394562 Email: sales@ypc-fc.com

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